Welcome to our website and great new addition to the GNGR family of products. GNGR is a publicly traded company (ticker GNGR). We have been successfully selling and continue to sell products worldwide as a fully operational production facility with low overhead and no debt or financing issues. GNGR is free to grow and expand without the issues that have failed so many other business. Unlike many cannabis, hemp or marijuana companies that are exploring the industry that most will never achieve their goals. GNGR is up and running and profitable.

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As a successful publicly traded company, (ticker GNGR) can not ignore this thriving industry. Being one of the worlds best jewelry casting companies, GNGR is creating a new line of marijuana castings by popular demand. GNGR is NOT trying to start a dispensary (regulations and costs are to complex) GNGR is simply capitalizing on the demand for legal products under our own branded line which includes: Jewelry, pipes, lighters as well as a complete line of GNGR oils, health and pet items. Products for sale will be listed this month. GNGR is taking steps to use the capital we generate with our existing jewelry line and expand into this industry with little costs and get products to market FAST to add sales and revenue to our public company structure.


Nevada dispensaries sold nearly $425 million worth of recreational marijuana and pulled in nearly $70 million in tax revenue in the states first full year of sales, officials announced Tuesday.

Including recreational and medical marijuana as well as marijuana-related goods and accessories, Nevada stores eclipsed a half-billion dollars in sales, just under $530 million, according to figures released Tuesday by the Nevada Department of Taxation. GNGR is going after the national marijuana-related goods and accessories market while looking into other opportunities. GNGR will be making items unique to peoples own ideas and demands. With our successful casting lines currently sold worldwide, GNGR will achieve the same success in this hot market.


We will change the accessory markets products the same way we successfully changed the jewelry industry.

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